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Jeff Grewe Elected to Nebraska Arborists Association Board of Directors

Congratulations to Jeff for being elected to the Board of Directors for the Nebraska Arborists Association!

About Jeff

Jeff Grewe owns Arbor Aesthetics Tree Service with his wife, Amy. A Creighton Prep graduate, he studied chemistry and political science at the University of Iowa and UNO. One day, he handed out fliers in his neighborhood offering landscaping services, and was soon hired to remove his first tree. Not knowing what he had gotten himself into, he began teaching himself how to climb. It wasn’t long before he found he had a knack for making trees beautiful, and a natural talent for climbing. With this new fulfilling career opportunity, Arbor Aesthetics was born.

Jeff is an NAA Certified Arborist and is also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) through the International Society of Arboriculture

Community Involvement

Jeff has volunteered his time at the annual NAA Tree Climbing School, helping other Nebraska tree climbers improve their climbing skills and technique. Jeff is proud to be an Ambassador for Nebraska ReTree, a 10-year cooperative initiative to raise public awareness of the value of trees and reverse the decline and improve the sustainability of community trees and forests.

Arbor Aesthetics loves volunteering each year in the annual Omaha Earth Day Tree Climb activity. Check out photos from last year’s event. This family-friendly event provides an opportunity for people of all ages to get into a climbing saddle and ascend into the canopy of a beautiful Swamp White Oak at Elmwood Park in Omaha.

​Jeff brings to the NAA Board a business owner’s and tree climber’s perspective. He has many ideas for how the NAA can better serve business owners and educate tree care workers for safety and perfecting their trade. Jeff strives to operate a highly ethical business and to offer his employees a place to work where their safety, skills, and education are valued.

In his spare time…

Jeff enjoys hiking and is hobbyist photographer, shooting landscapes, storms, trees (of course), long-exposure night shots and time lapse footage. He was an accomplished swimmer for Creighton Prep and assistant coached the team after graduating. He is hoping to get involved with the team again in 2016.

Jeff and Amy are expecting a baby boy in March 2016, and Jeff can’t wait to get him in a climbing saddle!

About the NAA

The Nebraska Arborists Association (NAA) exists to:
  • Expand knowledge and encourage high ethical standards in the field of arboriculture;
  • Stimulate interest and cooperation in the planting and conservation of all shade and ornamental trees;
  • Improve tree conservation by promoting excellence in arboricultural practice;
  • Initiate and encourage scientific investigations into the various aspects of the practice of arboriculture and to cooperate in making these results available;
  • Exchange information through meetings and events that will aid in the improvement of the practice of tree conservation and arboriculture;
  • Encourage the display and demonstration of materials or equipment used in the practice of arboriculture by manufacturers or distributors; and
  • Encourage responsible legislation useful to arboriculture.

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