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Faces of Omaha – 2024 Tree Services

We are honored to again be featured in the 2024 edition of Omaha Magazine’s Faces of Omaha. You can view the digital flip book here.

Arbor Aesthetics’ core purpose—or maybe “roots” would be a more apt term—is meaningful growth for people as well as trees. As part of that long-term commitment, founders Jeff and Amy Grewe, who started the business in 2005, offer company-sponsored life coaching to support their team’s leadership.

“We encourage that and make the connection…Amy and I live it every day,” Jeff said. “Our company benefits from having people living a richer, more self-aware life.”

Long-term is also the approach of the company’s certified arborists, whose work considers multigenerational impact, Amy added.

“There’s an art and a science to tree care,” she explained. “We are focusing not on serving as many people as possible, but on serving as well as possible and creating as much value as we can. By developing lifelong relationships with clients, we can ensure the longevity of their trees and that they are fulfilling their greatest potential impact on our community and environment.”

Jeff & Amy Grewe of Omaha, Nebraska
29 September 2023- Jeff and Amy Grewe of Arbor Aesthetics are photographed at Fontenelle Forest for Faces 2024.

We have been featured in Faces of Omaha since 2018. It’s aways fun to look back at our old features and reflect upon how we have grown as a small business and developed a keen awareness of just what sets us apart from other tree services in our market. You can view our previous features of Faces of Omaha here: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018.

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