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Best Trees to Plant this Fall

Welcome, September! The dog days of summer are coming to an end, and cooler temperatures means it’s a great time to plant a tree! Earlier this year, we published a 3-part blog series about the ins-and-outs of tree planting: 1) Where and what to plant; 2) Finding quality nursery stock; and 3) How to plant it right! Still, we are asked frequently…

“What should I plant?” It’s a complicated question, as every landscape is unique, and every homeowner has different expectations for what their ideal tree would offer. Should it be tall or wide? “Tidy” and easy to maintain? Flowering or fruiting? Should it offer sparse or dense shade? Is it purely for beauty as a landscape accent or does it have a job, like shading a driveway or home?

Thankfully, the Nebraska Forest Service has published an awesome list of suggested trees for 2016. The trees from that list are shown below, along with their seeds/fruit, foliage and fall color. Click the tree name for more information!

This list is not all-inclusive, of course, but it does provide great trees that are proven to thrive in our region and that are readily available. We work with select local nurseries that provide quality stock. Call us if you’re interested in planting any of these species!

16 Trees for 2016

Large Deciduous Trees (40’+ at maturity)

Small to Medium Deciduous Trees

Oak, Gambel (Quercus gambelii)

Evergreen Trees

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