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Air Spade – Diagnose and mitigate Root Issues

We are proud to add air spading and root excavation to our menu of tree services. Air spading involves using a compressed-air power tool to blow soil away from the root zone of a tree to evaluate and correct root issues and mitigate poor soil conditions. We can even excavate a root zone in preparation of construction projects so that roots can be worked around or protected from digging. 

Girdling Roots
You can see in the photos to the right that this Norway maple has severe girdling roots which are likely a result of poor planting techniques. Our arborists were able to sever the girdling roots which were causing die-back in the center of the tree’s canopy. The soil was then replaced (now which much less compaction) and a fresh layer of mulch was applied, providing an oxygen-rich environment for the roots to thrive. 

Root Collar Excavation
​Sometimes a tree trunk may have been buried too deeply and the root collar is not exposed as it should be to prevent decay and girdling roots from forming. We can excavate the root collar so it is properly exposed.

Soil Replacement & Amendment
In some cases, compacted or poor-quality soil could be affecting the health of a tree in which case we can replace it with nutrient-rich soil amendments.

This is such a versatile tool. If you are puzzled as to why your tree’s health is declining, an air spade service is a great diagnostic tool!

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