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The Legend Returns

As some of you know, Jeff had a shoulder operation a few months ago to repair some significant damage incurred from several years of tree climbing. Jeff learned early on in his career that he had a natural talent for climbing. Check out this awesome climbing timelapse video from several years ago!

Although the majority of Jeff’s time is spent making sales, and my time is spent in the office, we joined the crew the last week for the afternoon. This customer had a beautiful yard, filled with a large variety of trees and plants. She’s a master gardener, after all! It was a real treat to be on the job site and listen to how her landscape has evolved over the years and to hear her visions for her trees. 

Jeff even climbed the small ash hanging over her deck to elevate the canopy off the house, away from a few smaller trees being crowded out, and to open up the view to the backyard. 
Yep – that’s Jeff in there!
Jeff & Steven
Job site selfie!
Russell dragging a tasty snack to the chipper.

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