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The Benefits of Winter Tree Work

Winter weather has arrived here in eastern Nebraska! The last of the leaves are hanging on and will soon be stripped away by the frigid northerly wind.

You may be feeling some relief as you’re cleaning up your lawn and garden beds for the last time and putting your tools to rest. No more shrub pruning, no more weeding, no more cursing at the rabbits for munching on your prized veggies. 

But there is an important part of your landscape that shouldn’t be ignored in the winter – your TREES! 

Winter is the IDEAL time to prune And Remove trees

Shorter days and colder temperatures means dormancy for your trees. Did you know that dormancy is the IDEAL time to prune your trees? You might think an arborist will have trouble determining which branches need to be removed when stripped of their leaves, but that isn’t the case. A trained arborist can identify a live branch versus a dead branch in the winter based on which branches have buds. Buds form at the end of the summer and serve as an indicator for which branches are alive in the winter.

The Benefits of Winter Tree Work:

  • Less stressful for live trees. Pruning during dormancy causes less stress to a tree.
  • Disease management. Certain varieties of trees, like oaks and elms, are susceptible to disease if pruned while the tree is leafed out. Pruning in the winter reduces susceptibility and the spread of disease. 
  • More precise pruning. It’s easier to see the structure of a tree without the leaves in the way. 
  • Improved recovery. Spring is the best time for cuts to seal after pruning. Trimming in the winter means your tree will recover better in the spring.
  • Reduced impact to your lawn. The ground is frozen and grass is dormant, making it an ideal time to remove large trees that might otherwise leave a footprint on your lawn despite our very best efforts to minimize turf damage.
  • Lower prices. We offer lower winter pricing in the winter to keep our crew moving through the winter months. Take advantage of our “slow season” with lower prices! 

Call Arbor Aesthetics today and ask about our lower winter pricing: 402-408-5600

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