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Meet the Crew, Part 1: Meet Steve

When Jeff started the business 10 years ago, he had a vision of making Omaha’s trees beautiful. For several years, Jeff sold the work and did the work, but years of climbing took a toll on his shoulders and Jeff’s focus shifted to growing the business. In order to step back from climbing, he needed to build a crew that was thorough, knowledgeable, and had an eye for aesthetics to carry out his vision. 

Why we love our crew…

Our crew isn’t just any crew – they care about our customers and their trees, and they are motivated to learn, grow, and find better ways to create the awesome Arbor Aesthetics customer experience. Our guys are special to us – they’re like family. We are on a journey together to build a better business and wow our customers in such a way that is unexpected, but welcome, in the tree care industry. We want you to get to know them, so without further ado….

Meet Steve!

“It was 7 years ago when I got my chance to climb as a professional with Asplundh. I’ve been with Arbor Aesthetics for one year now. In the short time I have been here, I’ve learned so much – from different climbing techniques to proper tree care. I’m currently studying for my Arborist certification. 

What he loves most about his job…

“There’s nothing like being in a tree and making them look natural when you’re done trimming them or making them safe. I really enjoy my job.”

Raising up Tree Huggers

“I’m in the process of teaching my kids different types of knots and how to tie them. They are tree huggers at heart.”

When he’s not swinging around a tree…

“I’m into most sports. I’m a big Ohio State fan. Let’s go Bucks! I have 2 boys – they are 6 and 7. Most of my family lives in Ohio, besides my brother and his family, who live in Omaha.”  

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