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Gift of Beautiful Trees 2018 – COMPLETE!

Another year, Another gift

With the late arrival of spring, we were eager to complete our 2018 Gift of Beautiful Trees job, which had to be rescheduled due to heavy snow in February. Finally, on March 29th, we were able to safely take down the dead cottonwood tree dangerously towering over the home and backyard of the Crowley family in Papillion.

Back in November, we called on the Omaha community to submit nominations for their friends, families and neighbors who were in dire need of tree services. It’s our fourth year doing this, and every year we see an increase in the number of nominations we receive, which is great! This year we received so many (close to 40!), we had to come up with an objective grading scale to help us determine where our help was needed most. After driving around and looking at all of the properties we’d received nominations for, our 2018 recipient was immediately apparent. The Crowley family of Papillion had a deader-than-dead cottonwood tree in their backyard that desperately needed to be removed, but their circumstances just wouldn’t allow for it when tending to a family crisis became their top priority. 

Andrea shares her story…

The huge, dead tree was always a concern, especially on windy days and during the colder months when the dry air made the limbs even more brittle. Because of the cost of tree removal and other urgent circumstances, we had to put that project on hold and hope for the best.

Our attention was focused on our first grandson who was born at only 28 weeks gestation, making daily trips to the hospital and hoping each day would be better than the day before. Going to work was a welcomed distraction sometimes, but I also juggle homeschooling my two children who have autism. The holiday season was far from jolly and bright. It was stressful, and uncertain, and exhausting.
But we have a dear neighbor who is so thoughtful and nominated us to receive the tree service, then we met the wonderful folks at Arbor Aesthetics, and we felt so blessed!  Such a professional group of people, yet genuinely kind hearted as well.

Our story has a happy ending: after nearly 3 months in the hospital, our grandson finally got to go home to his mom and dad, and soon after they moved into their own home to continue their adventures.

We are again grateful for the opportunity every year to give back to our community that has supported our small business for over a decade. Every single one of our customers helps make this possible! When you hire Arbor Aesthetics Tree Service, you, too, are giving back to our community and providing tree services to those in need! Thank you Omaha!

~ Amy, Jeff & the Crew

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