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Cedar Apple Rust Prevention Begins in March

Do your tree’s leaves look like this?
​Your tree might be suffering from Cedar Apple Rust, but it’s easy to treat.
Cedar Apple Rust is a highly infectious and fast-spreading fungal disease that can be prevented – but you must begin before leaves appear on your trees.
​What trees are at risk?
Apple, Crab Apple, Pear, Hawthorn, Serviceberry and other fruit trees.

What should I look for?
Yellowish-orange colored lesions on the leaf, developing into darker spots in advanced stages. The infected leaves drop from the tree prematurely in the summer. Also look for lesions appearing on fruit later in the season. 

How does this harm my tree?
Because the infected leaves drop prematurely in the summer, the tree spends extra energy trying to replace the lost leaves. Repeated seasons of premature leaf-drop weaken the tree, making it susceptible to other diseases, and can eventually lead to its death.

Can I prevent it?
Yes! We offer preventative spray treatments that begin in early March. They must be applied before the buds open, so don’t delay!

Where can I learn more?
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has a detailed write-up here, including a list of disease resistant species.

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