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Request received! Here is what's next...

Meet with a Certified Arborist

Our office staff (Cindy, Cory or Lisa) will reach out to you within 10 minutes during business hours (8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday).

We’ll set up a no-cost 45-minute consultation with one of our Certified Arborists (Jeff, Dylan or Jacob). Meeting with you in person ensures we capture your vision and understand your individual needs. This is where we shine! We simply cannot provide the highest level of service you’re looking for without this in-person consultation, so please set aside this time to be with us. If at all possible, please be sure all key decision-makers are present for the consultation.

Schedule the Work

If you decide we’re the best fit for you, Cindy will reserve a date for your work to be completed. You’ll receive an email outlining the date and what to expect the day the work is completed. You are not required to be on-site while we work. Don’t worry: our crew receives specific instructions from our sales arborists. What you see on the Proposal is exactly what you’ll get.

If you have ordered plant healthcare services, you’ll receive communication regarding the timing and billing of those services separately.

Day Before Service

You’ll receive an email with a two-hour arrival time window so you’ll know when to expect our crew. (Applies to tree trimming and removal services only).

Day of Service

Our crew leader will announce their arrival and walk through the scope of the work before they get started. They will also provide instructions for keeping you and your family safe while the project is being completed.

Payment Collection

The crew leader will review the work that was completed to ensure your complete satisfaction. They will collect payment at that time unless you prefer to pay online., in which case you’ll receive an e-invoice the following business day. We cover the fees for all credit and debit card transactions.

Feedback Collection

Feedback is important to us and is regularly reviewed amongst our team. You will be given a postage-paid feedback postcard to drop in the mail. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Google reviews are so important for our business. We are grateful when our clients take the time to leave us a review.